A local 12-year-old has started classes for the Fall.  But unlike other kids her age, she's not entering 7th grade.  She's starting college.  As reported by The Times Herald Record, Simone Evans from Wurtsboro has already finished all of the academic requirements through high school.  And now, she's the youngest student taking classes at SUNY Ulster.

With a mother who's a chemist and a father who's the assistant superintendent of schools in Fallsburg, Simone has been home-taught since leaving elementary school.  She has received honors from Duke University and John Hopkins for her academic work, but her passion is music.  Simone chose to go to SUNY Ulster because of their music program.  She's a life long student of piano, which isn't very long considering she's only 12.  However, it's clear that she has amazing talent, as seen in this video from The Record: