September 20th! Wooo! Great place, great breweries. Gonna be an awesome time. WRRV is going to be there from 1-5pm, and you should get yourself some tickets at

So, there's gonna be lots of breweries and beers there, so every weeknight until the actual festival, I'm going to be posting some stuff about them things (beer and breweries) on this here blog. It's just an attempt to get everyone, and myself, familiar with what's going to be there and to formulate a game plan of where you need to be.

Let's start with Broken Bow Brewery. Family owned and operated down in Tuckahoe, Broken Bow got their start about a year ago. They're starting to get some pretty awesome reviews on Yelp, and Beer Advocate seems to think their stout is a damn strong offering. I'm loving the photos of the taproom out on the web, and I'm guessing I'll be heading for a sampling of their Broken Auger Lager, if they bring it.

They're on the list! Tomorrow, I'm going to check out a stout from a brewery in mid-state.

Hope we see you guys at the festival!