So you've probably read a ton of helpful hints on what to do, or not do at your office holiday party.  But most of the lists contain unrealistic advice that will turn your party into an event that even the Amish would call lame.  We we excited to find a great article this morning that gives a little more practical advice and will let you have fun and let loose while still preserving some dignity.  Plus, you won't even have to avoid eye contact with your coworkers the next day!

Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

1 - Drink!!!!  Most people advise against getting drunk at the holiday party. However, having a little buzz on isn't a bad thing.  Loosen up before giving that big speech, use some social lubricant to bond with the guys in the sales department... Just know your limits. if you puke on an intern you know you've had too much.

2 - Eat first.  Don't go to the party on an empty stomach.  We know you've been waiting for the endless free buffet all year long, and you'd hate missing that golden opportunity to stick your cheap boss with a huge stuffed mushroom bill, but you need to start with a base.  It'll not only help you handle your alcohol intake better, but will let you focus on socializing.  If you're constantly looking around for the plate of pigs-in-a-blanket you won't be able to make very good conversation.

3 - Don't dress to impress.  It's socially acceptable for the females in the office to change outfits between work and the party, but guys... don't do it.  Wear what you wear to the office to the party.  You don't want to look like you're trying too hard... and if the point is to look "casual" changing your outfit gives the opposite impression, that you've planned out a "look" for the evening.  Just loosen your tie, relax and have fun.

4 - Drink what you drink.  The office party isn't the time to start experementing with mixed drinks if you're a beer guy.  Shots of Goldschläger are probably a bad idea if you usually just drink appletinis.  Know your limits and stick with them.

There's plenty more tips here and listeners have been calling in this morning with even better ones. Share your own tips below and have a safe and fun holiday party!