With temperatures in the single digits and the windchill at -15, The Boris and Robyn show decided to conduct a scientific experement. How long would a week-old cup of coffee take to freeze outdoors?

We enlisted the assistance of our loyal producer, Meat Sandwich, to stand guard outside all morning long and monitor the progress.

After starting at 6:45 we didn't see much action until just before 8am when Meat Sandwich reported "slush"

After standing out in the bitter cold for another half hour, we got the report that the slush had turned to ice crystals.  While not fully frozen, there was a layer of ice developing over the surface:

After 9am things started to pick up.  Listeners commenting on air and on Facebook were not only concerned for the safety of Meat Sandwich standing out in the cold, but were also skeptical of our scientific process.  Some questioned the use of Styrofoam, which acts as an insulator, keeping the coffee warmer for longer than it would if we used a paper cup.

Regardless, by 9:20am Meat Sandwich was able to turn the cup upside down without losing any liquid:

Our experiment called for a complete freeze, so we feared Meat Sandwich would have to stand out in the cold past the end of the show... and then at 9:57am we officially called it: the coffee was frozen solid:

So what did we prove?  Well nothing really, except that we can get Meat to do pretty much anything as long as he gets some airtime.

Be safe out on the roads today, and stay tuned to WPDH for all of the latest weather and traffic info, also be sure to click the link above for the latest closing and delay announcements.  Now, it's time to thaw out our producer.