I'm not much for "holiday" decorating, but I do love decorating my house, even if it's just a quick rearrange of a few things, or adding a few new throw pillows.  I call it putzing around, and I do it alot.  Well, one afternoon, I was busy actually cleaning downstairs, when Bobby yelled down to me from upstairs "Are you decorating again?".  To which I replied "No. I'm cleaning".  And he said "Same thing".  That's when it hit me....he's right, it IS the same thing!  Everything looks sparkly, and clean, and lovely when I'm done.  And I can touch and rearrange my things while I'm cleaning.  Maybe Bobby is a genius for pointing this out to me, but ever since I've starting looking at cleaning as decorating, I enjoy it a whole lot more...and the house looks great!  How do you feel about housework?  Love it or hate it?

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