Chef Gordon Ramsey was filming his new reality show right here in the Hudson Valley last week.

The new show is called “24 Hours to Hell and Back," and much like "Kitchen Nightmares," the idea is to take a failing restaurant and have Chef Gordon Ramsey  turn it into a success. This time around, though, Ramsey only has 24 hours to make the transformation.

According to the Rockland Times, Ramsey paid a visit to Bella Gianna's on Route 303 in Rockland County last week to film an episode of the show. Equipped with an enormous mobile kitchen on a semi truck dubbed "Hell on Wheels," Ramsey rolled into town and came up with an entirely new menu for the restaurant. While the training for the chef and waitstaff went on inside the truck, crews were hard at work on the restaurant remodeling the interior and transforming the place into what the celebrity chef hopes will be a successful business.

According to Bella Gianna's Facebook page, the restaurant now appears to be called "The New Romolo's." Formerly, Bella Gianna was named Romolo's. It would seem that part of Ramsey's plan was to reestablish the restaurant with it's old name from a more successful time in the business' history.

The restaurant's page also has an ad looking for new waitstaff. We're not sure what happened to the old waitstaff, but knowing Chef Ramsely, there was probably some yelling involved.

You don't have to wait until the show airs to find out what happened to the restaurant. It's currently open with a whole new menu and decor.