12 year old T.J. Guerrero just wanted to sell some cookies and lemonade to make money to buy his own iPod, pay his cellphone bill, and take his mother out to dinner. After much research, Guerrero decided to set up his little operation at Patricia Avenue and San Salvador Drive in his home town of Dunedin, FL. He got a neighbor's permission to set up his stand and sell lemonade to all his neighbors who are probably more than thankful to enjoy the cold refreshment on a hot Florida day. See pic of the stand HERE

All was well, right? Not in the eyes of 61 year old neighbor Doug Wilkey. Wilkey lives four houses down from Guerrero (though Guerrero's stand is on a sidewalk in front of Wilkey's next door neighbor), and has contacted city officials four times in the past year to have the operation shut down for what he claims is an  "illegal business that causes excessive traffic, noise, trash, illegal parking and other problems that reduce his property values".

He has also contacted the local police to have the kid shut down. 

Wilkey claims TJ's customers have hung around his property with their skateboards, used profanity, threw litter on to his yard, and parked their cars in front of his home. Guerrero has denied this, claiming that the largest line ever in front of his stand was only 5 people. The 12 year old entrepreneur seems to have the backing of the community

From Tampa Bay.com

A Pinellas County sheriff's community police officer has been out at least twice in an attempt to defuse the conflict.

Deputy Wayne Gross polled neighbors and found that they were fine with the 10 to 30 customers T.J. said he sees daily and were baffled that anyone complained.