Some normal people just don't like music. A new report from Current Biology has found that music doesn't speak to everyone. According to a press release, these people suffer from specific musical anhedonia, or the inability to experience pleasure from music.  While these people can experience pleasure in every other way; enjoying food, good company or a funny movie... they just don't "get" music.

The press release states:

The results were clear: some otherwise healthy and happy people do not enjoy music and show no autonomic responses to its sound, despite normal musical perception capacities. Those people do respond to monetary rewards, which shows that low sensitivity to music isn't tied to some global abnormality of the reward network.

So, if you've never rocked out in the car alone to AC/DC,  If you look at people strangely as they sing and play electric guitar to Zeppelin or if you've never cried listening to "Cats In the Cradle" you may have a low sensitivity to music. Luckily, you can take the survey this study is based on right now and find out for sure.