As the weather continues to warm in the Hudson Valley, the jingle of the ice cream man's bell rings through the neighborhood, calling children from near and far.  But how much do you know about your ice cream man?

This week the county board of supervisors in Los Angeles have started to consider requiring a fingerprinting and a criminal history report for those seeking a license for a business that serves children.

According to the LA Times, Supervisor Don Knabe believes this would serve "as the ultimate safety net for our most vulnerable residents, we have a responsibility to protect our young children."  Because most ice cream trucks market directly to children, Knabe is afraid that "We could be unknowingly permitting dangerous individuals to come into contact with innocent children."

As for ice cream vendors being a threat to children, it's certainly hard to be sneaky and inconspicuous driving around in a big colorful truck ringing a loud bell.  But is this something you believe we should be considering here in the Hudson Valley?  Are you afraid that there may be an unsavory character lurking behind the wheel of your local ice cream truck?  Or do you think this is just unnecessary fear mongering?  Let us know in our poll below: