It's Holiday time again.  And that means it's time for that creepy little elf to rear his sinister head.  If you're not familiar with "The Elf on the Shelf" then let me give you a quick lesson:

A scary looking little elf comes to live in your house on December 1st.  He watches to make sure you're doing the things you're supposed to, and then every night when you're sleeping, he flies back to tattle on you to Santa at the North Pole.  Don't brush your teeth? Don't eat your veggies?  Punch grandma in the knee?  Santa is getting a full report from the rat fink Elf.

Then, by the next morning, the Elf has returned to a new part of your house, unable to move or speak, just watching...  watching and waiting with those creepy eyes... to make sure you behave or else he'll spill all the beans to Santa again tonight.

In our house we just started The Elf tradition with lots of hesitation.  Quite frankly, the little guy is creepy looking.  Also, the idea of thinking up 24 different places for him to "appear" is pretty overwhelming.  I spent 20 minutes getting him to balance on a toy tractor last night, lots of fun after a busy Monday of work.  It looks like some parents take the challenge pretty seriously:

"Wrecking Ball Elf" -

And others are just creative:

"We're doing Elf on the Shelf with the kids but instead it's Jeff Goldblum's head on a stick." -

Our son is only 2, but so far he seems to really like the Elf on The Shelf.  We are leaving out the part about the elf being a narc, because we think it's a better idea for our son to be good because it's the right thing to do, not because he won't get a present.  Yesterday morning he went running around the house looking for "Alf" the Elf with a big smile on his face, so it can't be all that bad.

And it seems as though our Elf is enjoying himself, too:

Our Elf enjoying a break from the action.

Does your family do "The Elf" or any other type of holiday tradition?  Let us know in the comments below. Better yet, email me your best "Elf" photos and we'll post them on the site: