Governor Cuomo doesn't spend very many nights at the Governor's Mansion in Albany, but when he is there he hears strange noises. Is the place haunted?

The New York Post reports that Cuomo has been hearing noises when he stays at the mansion. The rumors of it being haunted have been going around for years. Former Governor Patterson is sure the place has a ghost. It also seems that Cuomo is spooked when he stays there.

“Now, I don’t believe in ghosts, and I’m a big, tough Italian guy, but I’ll tell you, it gets creepy in that house, and there are a lot of noises that go on and you are very alone.”

If there really is a ghost, staff think it's a groundskeeper who worked there before the house was sold to New York State. Cuomo has spent many years in the place. His father Mario used it as his primary residence when he was Governor, so Andrew kinda grew up in the historic house.

A couple of years ago, CBS 6 anchor Greg Floyd reported on how much the Governor's mansion cost New York State taxpayers. Talk about scary!