For the first time in the show's 25 year history, a crew member to Fox's popular reality series COPS has been killed on the job. COPS has been filming in Omaha, Nebraska all this summer. 38 year old Bryce Dion, an audio supervisor for the show, was fatally wounded by friendly fire during a shootout, as police were answering an armed robbery call at a local Wendy's.

A 32 year old suspect named Cortez Washington entered the restaurant and pointed a gun (later revealed to be a pellet gun) at the assistant manager. When Omaha police arrived along with the television crew, a shootout ensued. With cameras rolling...Dion was unfortunately caught in the crossfire, in spite of wearing a bullet proof vest.

Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said...

It came in the left arm and slipped in between the vest where there is an open area

Both Dion and the suspect later died from their injuries. Read more HERE