George Clooney, no? Sleep with my wife for money anyway?

This morning, Boris and Robyn compared Gary Tate, a George Clooney lookalike to the real guy. He's close but not quite there.

As the story goes, Tate was offered $8,800 to sleep with a man's wife for her 40th birthday. The husband was unable to get a hold of the real George Clooney so he figured a lookalike would be fine. It must be hard to get in touch with the man who had been named 'The Sexiest Man Alive' for so long for only $8,800. The wife is a huge Clooney fan, the guy looks close enough and they have an open relationship so why not, right? According to Tate, he thought about taking the offer but didn't because it just felt wrong to him. Who knows, maybe if the money was right the real Clooney would have came forward.

The real George Clooney is pictured below, click through to see the lookalike. Boris thinks he looks like Taylor Hicks.

Photographer: Kevin Winter/Getty Images