Bacon prices are rising creating a nationwide panic for everyone, maybe not everyone, but for people who love bacon. Boris & Robyn put out their call for a local pig farmer to let them know the what's what about the cause of this.

Nick of Nick's Farm Market in Wappingers stopped by with his pig, Pinky, to talk with us. Meat Sandwich was even able to interview Pinky and try to get her a date with Nikolai the News Guy.

As it turns out, there is a virus infecting baby pigs that cause them to have diarrhea and die from dehydration. It's sad news, fortunately there are no signs of this in the Hudson Valley but the Mid-West is greatly effected. Nick told us that they are keeping a close eye on their pigs and making sure not to take in any new ones at the moment to keep this virus that has no cure yet from spreading. You can read all about this virus and what it means for bacon prices by clicking here.