Welcome to December! I don't know of a better way to celebrate the kick-off to the holidays than warming up with a growler of Brooklyn Winter Ale. 

"Winter" isn't an actual beer style, but it's understood that most Winter beers are full bodied and a bit higher in alcohol to warm up your toes on a cold, snowy night.  Brooklyn Winter is based on a Scottish-style Ale, which is perfect.  Think lots of Scottish malt, oats and a toasty 6.1% abv.  There's lots of bread flavors thanks to all of that malt, but the Willamette hops brings all of that sweetness right into balance with just a little bit of bitterness that also smooths out the heat from the higher alcohol content.  This is a solid winner, and a great complement to that hunk of meat that's been sitting in the crock pot all day long.

Brooklyn Winter is my Beer of the Week... and you can get it at Half Time in Poughkeepsie for half price with your WPDH growler.  Cheers!