For the week of May 19th we celebrate the last unofficial week of Spring!  Although the weather hasn't been the greatest this year, the change of seasons is still apparent, and beer drinkers everywhere are rejoicing as we move towards lighter, more drinkable brews to prepare for the promise of warmer weather.

Ground Break from Ithica Beer is an American version of the much loved Belgian Saison.  The hops level on Ground Break is cranked up just enough to remind you this is an American brewed beer.  And the blend of Belgian and American yeasts used to ferment this beer serves as the perfect handshake across the Atlantic, bridging two countries' brewing styles together.

Head over to Half Time on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie this week to sample Ground Break for half price with your WPDH growler!


Mitch from Half Time visited the WPDH studio on Tuesday morning to let the Boris & Robyn Show sample this week's Beer of the Week, they may be starting a new trend.