For years, the legend of Bigfoot has captivated those who want to believe, and proved to be a source of great entertainment to those who are more skeptical.   Well, now there seems to be some new "proof" that most likely won't settle the debate any time soon.

Self proclaimed Bigfoot hunter, Rick Dyer, claimed to shoot and kill a "Bigfoot" over a year ago.  This week, he has finally released a picture of the alleged creature on Facebook.  He claims that this is definitive proof that Bigfoot is real:

Rick Dyer/Facebook

Now, we at WPDH aren't sure if this is really a dead Bigfoot, or just a costume (most likely a costume)... but we DO know that BIGFOOT IS REAL because he called the Boris and Robyn show this morning!  Check out this undisputed proof by playing the clip below: