My phone has been blowing up all morning and I have had a ton of private messages on Facebook. Jimmy Fallon and John Goodman talked about me last night on the Tonight Show.

You probably know by now that Jimmy grew up in Saugerties and he used to listen to me when he was a kid. For the record, I was just a kid at that time too. Not as young as Jimmy, but not a geezer either.

Jimmy took over as host of The Tonight Show and John Barry from the Poughkeespie Journal interviewed him about getting the biggest comedy/talk show job in television. Jimmy mentioned why he used to listen to my show.

he would set up a cassette recorder or reel-to-reel player next to his radio and tune in to Bolger, hoping the DJ would play the song “Ghostbusters.” That way, Fallon could record the song and play it back whenever he liked

So back in 1991, Jimmy heard me promoting an amateur night at Bananas Comedy Club in Poughkeepsie and at age 17 he entered the contest. Fallon took the stage and won that night. That is how Jimmy Fallon got his start in comedy.

I remember the night and I remember the owners of Bananas, Harlan and Arlene Jamison saying to me that "this kid has something special." They knew it immediately.

If you missed Jimmy with the great John Goodman last night, check out the video. They were talking about local radio and that is how my name came up.


Thanks for remembering me Jimmy. Most of all thanks for all the laughs.