The New Paltz Regatta on the Wallkill River is happening this weekend, despite the facts about how polluted the river is.

The Regatta is one of the craziest boating events you will ever see. Handmade watercraft race down the Wallkill River in an event that brings thousands out to cheer and party in New Paltz. The recent water quality statistics are not going to stop the regatta, even if the river is in bad shape.

According to Hudson Valley One reports that Dan Shapley from Riverkeeper has written a letter stating that the environmental organization still supports the Regatta, but with a warning to boaters.

“We believe that Regatta participants should understand what is known about the risks of immersing themselves in or ingesting the water,”

The race could take a much calmer tone because contestants won't be allowed to fool around like they used to. No more trying to tip over or capsize other boats. The New Paltz Regatta has been a fund raiser for Family of New Paltz and it will be again this year.

As dirty as the Wallkill River is, it would be a shame to stop this event. The party in New Paltz begins at 1 pm with a parade in town and then down to the river to start the Regatta at around 2 - 2:30 pm.  After the boats cross the finish line, under the new bridge - there will be plenty of partying near the Gilded Otter and the Water Street Market.