Winter is not my favorite season, but if you're into classic rock (I am!) there is a lot to look forward to.  Releases and collections from some of our favorite artists are due out this month.  From new music from Bruce Springsteen to box sets from The Beatles and Small Faces are headed our way this month!  Plus, The Grateful Dead for Deadheads like me, or if you like to rock harder, Metallica and Scorpions.  And even new solo David Crosby.  So if we gotta be stuck in the house, at least we'll have some great music to listen to!  Here's the release schedule for January.
January 7
Blood, Sweat & Tears, ‘The Complete Columbia Singles’
Peter Gabriel, ‘Scratch My Back & I’ll Scratch Yours’
Grateful Dead, ‘Dick’s Picks, Vol. 10 – Winterland Arena, Dec. 29, 1977)

January 14
Scorpions, ‘MTV Unplugged‘ (DVD/CD)
Bruce Springsteen, ‘High Hopes‘

January 21
The Beatles, ‘The U.S. Albums‘ (13-CD box set)
The Doors, ‘R-Evolution’ (DVD)

January 28
David Crosby, ‘Croz‘ (first solo album in two decades)
Metallica, ‘Through the Never‘ (2013 concert / concept film)
Red Dragon Cartel, ‘Red Dragon Cartel’ (with Jake E. Lee)
Small Faces, ‘Here Come the Nice: The Immediate Years 1967-1969‘ (box set)

Spencer Platt/Getty Images