This morning we read a story about a young boy in Yonkers who had his genitals bitten off by a pit bull.  Sadly, this wasn't the only story this month about a pit bull attack.  There was a woman in Connecticut who lost her entire arm and other hand after being attacked by her son's pit.  These dogs have a bad reputation. Insurance companies will even drop your homeowners insurance if they find out you have one.  But is the reputation fair?

We had dozens of phone calls from loving pit bull owners that defended the dogs, saying that these attacks are because of bad owners and not the dogs themselves.  We even had a woman call in who lets her 18 month old baby play with her pit bull.

Pit bull owners insist that these dogs are no more aggressive than any other breed of dog.  That may certainly be true, but the fact is that ALL dogs have the potential to attack if they feel threatened or are surprised.  I, for one, would rather take my chances with a poodle than a pit bull. If my sweet little dog gets spooked, I want to have a fighting chance.  Listen, if I had to choose between having a firecracker or a stick of dynamite in my home, it would be the firecracker.  Sure, neither of them would ever try to harm me on their own and would never go off unless ignited by some idiot... but if that did happen, I would rather the firecracker blow up by accident than the dynamite.

So far on Facebook I've been called ignorant, a dog hater (not true at all) and even a dog-racist (seriously, someone said that).  I absolutely love animals, just not more than people.  And if there's any animal that could potentially kill my child, no matter how sweet or adorable the animal is, it's not living in my house. I think people are crazy to own pit bulls, unless they have been specifically educated in animal behavior and training... these dogs are certainly not for the casual pet owner.  It's like giving a loaded machine gun to someone who has never owned a firearm before.

So what do you think?  Let me have it in the comment section below or back on Facebook.  No matter what your opinion, I'm sure we call all agree that the Pitbull below should certainly be neutered:

Getty Images / Kevin Winter