Brewmaster Matty Taormina is passionate about the ingredients that he uses in his beer, and his customers are flocking to his small brewery to taste what he's brewing.

Honey Hollow Brewing Company has a mission statement that reads "From the farm to the table and the ground to the glass we are passionate about our beers." From tasting Matty's beer it's clear that he has a true love for the art of brewing. Using only local ingredients whenever possible, Honey Hollow is creating some of the freshest beer available. Portions of our sample of the Fresh Hop Ale were growing in the ground just weeks before we were drinking it.

Using grain from the Germantown Beer Farm and Hops grown right on premise and other nearby farms, Taormina brews very small batches of beer, just 20 gallons at a time. The fresh hop ale was brewed with hops that were picked three days before being put right into the brew kettle. The result is a full-bodied beer with a very pleasant aroma and a crisp, drinkable flavor.

If you'd like to try some of Honey Hollow's farm-fresh beers, you can visit the brewery in Earlton on select days or purchase their beer at a small list of local restaurants. Full details are available on their website.