An upstate zoo is in the spotlight for putting roadkill on the animals' daily menu.  According to The Democrat & Chronicle, Lions and other meat eaters at the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester have been chomping on deer collected from the highway.

The idea started when a zoo worker hit a deer on the way to work and thought that bringing the freshly killed meat in to work might help defray the cost of meals for the lions.  Years later, it's become a program that has helped the zoo keep within their budget.  The current policy only allows for deer carcases to be feed to zoo animals up to 10 hours after they have been killed. The meat is also inspected by zoo staff for maggots, tumors and other harmful items before being fed to the animals.

Most roadkill comes from police who contact the zoo when a fresh deer collision has been reported.  Hunters also sometimes donate their killings if they aren't able to use them.

Some people think this is a great way to recycle the dead animals, while others find it disturbing.  What do you think?  Is this a smart idea or a disgusting practice?