The number one resolution every year is to work out and lose weight, but would you want to train naked at a gym?

Lots of people want to lose weight so they look better naked. There's a gym in New York City that will be offering naked fitness classes starting this week.

Hanson Fitness will offer the buff workout classes for men only, women only and mixed classes. Is this a marketing tactic or an emerging fitness trend?

According to the New York Daily News, Hanson Fitness is located on Wooster Street in SoHo. They claim that working out in the nude has some benefits, although I am not sure most of us would be brave enough to see if they are true.

Hanson Fitness says that working out nude keeps you cooler, releases endorphins, increases body awareness and gives you unrestricted movement. Plus: less laundry!

Let's hear it for unrestricted movement! Before you sign up for the class, maybe you should take the jump test to see if you really need it. Strip down naked and stand in front of a full-length mirror. JUMP as high as you can and then wait exactly one minute. If after a minute there are parts of your body that are still moving, chances are you need to drop a few pounds.

I am not against nudity. I have been to a nude beach, and frankly, most of the people on the beach looked like something from the old "Far Side" cartoon series. For that reason, I will be working out fully clothed at Crunch Fitness in Poughkeepsie. Best of luck with your 2018 Fitness goals.