It looks like the Cashless tolling system on the Mario M. Cuomo bridge may not be collecting enough money with millions already not paid.

I love the cashless tolling and can't wait for it to be installed on the entire NYS Thruway, but that won't be happening in the near future. The only problem seems to be that if the vehicle doesn't have EZ Pass, then there's a chance the toll doesn't get paid.


According to a report in the Poughkeepsie Journal, there were $27 million in bills that NYS mailed out to motorists since April of 2016 and about 30 percent of them haven't been paid yet. That comes to around $8 million in outstanding tolls. Even with that much money, this is not a losing proposition for the state.

The Thruway Authority, however, is still projected to come out ahead thanks to a controversial $100 late fee, which has frustrated some motorists hit with hefty fines — sometimes several hundred dollars for just a few crossings — since it was enacted in early 2017.

Of course, there will be money coming in from billed motorists who just haven't gotten around to paying yet, so the $8 million will not be the final number.  The point really is that NYS wants you to get on EZ Pass.  It will save you money, and the state gets paid immediately.